Five ways to generate a modern and effective selling strategy in 2013 PART 2

In PART 1 we looked at how identifying ‘moments of truth’ and efficient closing are critical components to a 2013 selling strategy. Now, in PART 2 we unveil 3, 4 and 5 to fully equip the modern sales professional to hit 2013 with a results-driven selling strategy. To start, Choose (then use) your words wisely…

3. Choose (then use) your words wisely

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. When selling, the right choice of words, in the right order, can transform the outcome of your pitch or negotiation. Make the careful selection of words to inspire and persuade your customer’s side of your 2013 selling strategy.

Think back to tip number 1 as well, and combine words with working out where those moments of truth are. Does talking about a product in a certain way deliver a moment of truth? Yes, probably. The question you need to answer is: what are those words? Only select the words that you know your customers will respond positively to, and then pack your pitch with them!

Something that works very well for me, and you’ll see this all the way through our sales training book The Natural Sales Evolution, is telling a story to help prospects understand the benefits of what I’m selling. The words we use are crucial in selling because they can be the deciding factor between prospects understanding why your product or service is great, and just not ‘getting it’.

Analogies, useful examples and personal accounts will all help to ‘ground’ concepts for your prospects and allow them to understand what it is that makes your offering so unique.

4. Do it differently

Improving on your current strategy is a positive step in the right direction, but there’s nothing that beats completely fresh ideas and approaches. I was amazed the other day when a marketing company pitched for some new work with us. I’ve known the team for a long time and while they are very good at what they do, they lack that charisma and personality that some agencies have in abundance. I wanted to make sure I was getting the best deal possible, and last week they found out that, for the first time, they were to go up against their competitors, all working hard to secure my contract for 2013.

Instead of the bog standard ‘aren’t we so great’ PowerPoint presentation they immediately fell into character as soon as I had sat down in the boardroom. They role played all the way through. It was engaging, funny, interesting and it told a story. Completely out of character, and probably way out of their comfort zones, but good on them for being different. It won them a 12-month contract. So, commit some ideas to paper on how you’ll be different in 2013. Find new sources for your ideas. Re-think your approach.

Want to get started now? Click HERE to read our article on how the sales people with the toughest gig on the street manage to be innovative and different to make that sale.

5. Focus on the ‘how’

If you are planning a strategy for 2013, don’t do it half-baked. Keep it grounded, map out exactly what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. ‘Sell more’ isn’t going to be the guiding star that motivates you and keeps you focused all the way through to end of the year.

January 2013 is looming, and that means a whole new set of challenges and a whole new set of golden selling opportunities. Map out a clear, focused and innovative plan so you can enter the New Year ready for action.

Targets are, of course, important but it is just as valuable to think about the how as is it is to think about the figures you’re aiming for.

Let’s say your employer sets you a target for the first quarter of £250,000. However, being the ambitious sales professional that you are, you set yourself a personal target of £400,000. Just saying those figures is enough to get you jumping out of bed in the morning and running to work to close the deals that will get you closer to making the target a reality. The best sales strategies don’t stop at setting a target though, they map out the how as well. So, if £400,000 is the target, how will it be achieved? Detail is crucial. How much business do you have to close? What is your marketing and lead generation strategy looking like in January to ensure you have business to close in March? What happens if the £80,000 you’re due to close in January becomes £40,000? Where will that money be made up so you stay on course for your quarterly target?

Asking yourself these kind of how questions and having the motivation and energy to keep focused no matter what challenges get in your way will contribute significantly to the smashing targets and objectives in 2013.

Here at Natural Training we’re constantly working with sales teams to support the development of their own selling strategies. We’d love to talk you through our approach to sales training as well as our approach to developing selling strategies for 2013.  Call the team on 0207 043 1582 or email

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