HEAT Principle #2: Don’t Over-Complicate!

Great salespeople from organisations who adhere to the Law of Heat never interrupt the sale with complications when the customer is in the process of saying “yes”.  One of the great habits of peak performing salespeople is that they take away obstacles – leaving a simple pathway to the close.

For example, at Natural Training, providing we have a phone and a desk, we always have a job for great sales people.  And where there are great jobs, we need great recruiters, offering us the CVs of great sales people.  We contacted one recruiter recently and to start business all we did was to say “we agree” by return email.  We then chatted for 30 minutes about what we wanted.  They understood us quickly by asking relevant questions, and we were receiving good CVs within two hours.

Another recruiter insisted on us filling out their 4-page briefing form, because it was their preferred way of doing business.   We declined.  As Sharon Drew Morgen said “Why should sellers sell according to their selling patterns when buyers buy according to their buying patterns?”  Our buying pattern to recruit a sales person did not involve sitting down and spending an hour filling out a form.

Amazon understands the principle of heat better than most.  As a consumer, when you are hot and ready to buy, you can do so with One Click Ordering.  One mouse-click and the book is delivered to your door next day.  Hot to buy?  One tiny movement of your forefinger, and it’s yours.  Perfect.

The message here is simple:  Remove barriers.  Give simple steps.  Do the hard work so that all they have to do is scream “YES!”

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