What Jim Carey Can Teach Us About Presenting

This presentation from Jim Carey is one of the better ones that we’ve seen at Natural Training in years…

The reason being, he has clearly spent a huge amount of time getting the balance right: the balance between human, pathos and genuine insight to ensure the audience are absolutely thrilled.

We received this presentation saying ‘watch from around around 10 minutes and 19 seconds’, which is really when it does start to get very insightful and wonderful.

The whole presentation is certainly worth watching. He takes people through a journey that is all about helping to do following:

1. Establish a close relationship with the audience.

He uses their terms,  their jokes and their world, i.e. waking up pointing north, which the rest of us don’t understand (I still don’t understand it…) but the graduates LOVED it, because he tapped into what they felt and believed.

2. After he established that connection, he got everyone into a lively mood.

He did what can only be described as ‘crowd pleasing Jim Carey stuff’. Which is what you would expect from Jim Carey.

Our clients have a certain expectation when they get a presentation from Natural Training – they expect a certain kind of experience and behaviour. So, when Jim Carey presents he knows the audience expects to see the certain faces, mannerisms and jokes that have made him famous.

3. He moves from humour to insight

He has actually thought deeply about the type of person he is, the type of person he isn’t and how he can relate it to the audience. The audience lapped it up because it’s a great message! The message is essentially about Faith –Faith in yourself, faith in what you’re trying to achieve and faith that despite the world being a hard place to function in, if you really believe it then you can achieve whatever you want.  The message was superb and tailored perfectly to this audience.

There is one big WOW moment in the presentation – when Jim reveals his painting. We all knew it was sitting  there because he referred to it earlier on in the presentation. However, at the time of revealing it, explaining what it was and showing how proud he was of it, the audience loved it! And why wouldn’t they? He’s gone to so much effort, used the prop extremely well and made it count.

It’s the variation that audiences love.

We don’t want to be looking at or hearing about the same thing all the time. We want variation, we want different things to look at – We want to be inspired!

Final Thought

Refine your language and make each thought sharp and impactful. Spend less time on how you’re coming across, and spend more time on some genuine insights that are going to change the world of your audience.

Jim doesn’t waste a single word throughout his presentation. He probably used teleprompter, as you can see in certain shots that there are two screens out in front of him to help guide key moments of his speech, but he still makes it feel relevant and natural with his wordS. It’s the words that count. Words inspire.

If you’d like to learn how to change the world of tour audience, we have have some really exciting innovations that we bring to the world of presentation and pitching. Talk to one of our coaches today – 0207 043 1582

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