Just Do SOMETHING to Make It Happen

Hi, my name is Pete and I am a Procrastinator.

I have had this condition for as long as I can remember and I have good days and I have bad days.   There, it’s out in the open, I said it…feels good!

This blog is being written on a Sunday evening and I have forced myself into getting started on something that I now wish that I’d started a week ago.  That’s the trouble with putting things off, it rarely does you good.  Careful of kidding yourself otherwise, “planned” procrastination – I will do it when in the mood, when the kids are asleep, when Coronation Street finishes – can sometimes mask procrastination with a capital P!

Just do something to make it happen isn’t a complicated message. 

I’ve read all the Time Management books, all the self-help books, all the life coaching books….I know the things I should do, I just never ever got round to it…

There is a story as to where the message came from.  Work and life had thrown me some complications, as they do, and I was talking with a friend who was successful in the field that I also wanted to succeed in.  Through conversation and giving advice, we went round the houses about how to succeed with the usual advice.  See more people, gain more knowledge, develop your skills, construct a strategy plan etc.  I knew all that.  I’d been a coach and could give others that advice, but I still had procrastination lurking.

It was towards the end of this conversation that all this advice was summarised by my friend…

“At the end of the day, to summarise all this advice – Just Do Something To Make It Happen!!” Large or small, just do something to make it happen.  Don’t think too much about the detail, just do something to make it happen!!”

It resonated for me.  I liked the simplicity.  I liked that on days I was up for it, I could do BIG things to make it happen.  I liked that on days I wasn’t up for it, I could do little things to make it happen.  I knew where I wanted to go career wise, I had all the ideas and knowledge, I just needed the kick up the behind to do something about it, and this worked for me.

Now that I have my new mantra to kick procrastination around, I wanted a few more back up tools to fight my dreaded foe!

1. Find a Motivator

I told my daughter that I wanted to write a book and she was very excited – “Dad, I can draw the pictures – when will you finish it?”  Again, and again.

She is my constant nagging motivator, find yours – friend, partner, colleague, child and ask them to help!

2. Get a Big Enough “Why”

Why do you want it?

What will it mean to you?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

If it is important enough, then keep it front of mind every day and make it become part of your everyday focus.

3. Self Impose Pressure

My deadline for this blog is looming, but I have imposed the deadline myself.  How much can you get done when you only have a short amount of time to complete it?  Give yourself a tight deadline and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

4. Don’t Kid Yourself

There are enough people in life that will make excuses as to why things don’t happen.  Not my fault, if only the weather was… the Government would… the traffic had been…the dog hadn’t.  Life happens, be honest with yourself about what is in your control and then get the focus back.

5. Do Something to Make it Happen

Big or small – do something every day to move you along the path to succeeding in your goal.  Be realistic, be honest with yourself but be committed and you will get there.

Now, that’s enough from me, I have a book to write….

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