A Lesson in Sales From Volkswagen’s Brilliant Advertising

If you miss out on a sales deal, and you feel robbed, then chances are you were:  by your poor messaging.

We are all given a hearing by a client – a chance to give them a message that, based on our knowledge of them, will absolutely hit the mark – that truly sets us apart.

A message that is clear, memorable and easily transferable to all of their colleagues.

Yet in my experience consulting to companies we sales people miss this wonderful chance – regularly.

The reason we miss is usually because a lot of words get in the way of the real message.

This means that your real, winning message may get lost.

And a lost message often means a lost client.

Here’s an example of what I mean:  a brilliant advertisement for VW  BlueMotion.  Click here to see the advertisement:

VW BlueMotion

I love it because it shows you how the real message – BlueMotion saves you money – can be represented

During our sales training workshops we focus sales people on really separating yourself from the pack – and that is all about your messaging.

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