Life is short. Have an affair. (and other straplines)

A strapline is a short descriptor of what you do.  Sometimes the strapline becomes just as big/important as the brand itself and you don’t even know the brand to know what they are describing.  For example:

  • We try harder
  • Just do it
  • The ultimate driving machine


Straplines are pretty topical for me at the moment, because we’re going through an exercise to determine a new website, and a new corporate identity.  I kind of like “Be Yourself” to describe what we do, but I’m sure there are better ones out there.

On the lighter side of straplines is this one, which someone sent me and I simply had to share this one:  LIFE IS SHORT.  HAVE AN AFFAIR.

Now, while we don’t condone extra marital relationships here at Natural Training, I do quite admire the forthright nature of this strapline.  This brand knows what it is, knows what it isn’t, and is screaming it out proudly from the rooftops.  You after something on the side?  We got it!


Jokes aside, the strapline is an important concept, because it’s a tight message, So, over to you.

  • What’s your brand, as a person, in your career, to your clients?
  • Do you have a strapline?
  • If you did, what sort of angle would it take?
  • Are you a valuable resource for your clients?  Do you engender trust?  Are you great at connecting others?

What’s your personal strapline?  Let me know – we will publish the more creative and effective ones!

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