Little Things Mean A Lot

We now live in a consumer driven society, constantly bombarded by instructions to ‘buy this’ and ‘click here’ and increasingly we find ourselves as customers becoming ever more faceless, nameless ‘data’ to be sold to – or ‘traffic’ to be driven to a sale!

I, for one, as a consumer, customer, client and general spender of my hard earned readies really miss the good old days. I yearn for a place where providers know my name, take care of my needs, ask about my holiday and remember in earnest that it’s my birthday – and not just because the software told them it’s a great opportunity to sell me more stuff!


So, think about it: When was the last time you sent your valued, loyal customers a thank you card? Or went out of your way to throw in a little extra for no good reason other than you care? A little bit of love will go a long way in this day and climate.


Have a think about your customer base and ask yourself these questions:

1. Why do they love what we provide for them?

2. What else can I offer them that would add massive value that is free or cheap to provide?

3. What extra mile treatment would surprise and delight them?

4. What would occur as an extraordinary and unpredictable act of kindness for our industry?

5. What small, personal touch could I add to our daily activities that would stand out as a sweet gesture?


Excellent! Now go do something about it immediately!


Of course, a one off nicety is always just that: Nice… but how about you instill it in the fibre of your business now? What would it take for your entire workforce to come from a place of service and generosity?

At your next team meeting, sales meeting or planning day why not hold a session to ask the questions above and share ideas. Then look at regular ways to endear yourselves to your audience. How about transforming the workplace itself while you’re at it? We all know that a happy team sell more after all!


1. What would your team LOVE from you as an act of kindness and generosity?

2. What daily niggles or annoyances do they deal with that you could put right or acknowledge?

3. What group fun could you instigate and champion?


I believe that once a culture is instilled it remains as ‘the way things are round here’ – so make yours a happy one and reap the benefits – as will your customers and stakeholders.


Finally – pay attention to your own experience.

I myself have recently:

1. returned to a clothing shop once a week because the owner was friendly and played with my child

2. boycotted a restaurant because the staff were rude and off hand with my friend

3. recommended my osteopath because she really takes care of me and is so committed to her patients


So, think from your own life about those little things that mean a lot and apply the same principles to your workforce, culture and customer experience… those little things will soon start to show up in your bottom line too!


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