Why Making Calls Is A GREAT Use Of Your Time!

Telesales takes dogged persistance.  I love that scene in “Pursuit of Happiness” where Will Smith is making cold calls.

He has the right type of attitude – introducing efficiency and fierce discipline into his daily routine.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s the scene: – maybe you can relate to it.

I’ve met people who don’t get a coffee until they hit their sales goals, or don’t eat, or don’t take a break.  Constant goal setting like that is the hallmark of a telesales champion.

Hollywood aside, telesales can take its toll on the mind and the dialing finger.  Faced with constant rejection, the seller has to constantly reaffirm what they are doing this for and why.

The reason it can be difficult is that the telesales person is forever reliant on a sale.  It’s difficult to quantify any other result.  Either the customer buys – or they don’t.

There’s the problem.  Always desiring a result may lead to a constant feeling of rejection and neglect, which is not ideal.

The Best Telesales Attitude

We find the best attitude to adopt is one of the seed-planter.  Successful telesales people plant little seeds everywhere.

They might take a while to germinate and grow in the prospect’s mind.  But do it enough and success will follow.  Or to use a biblical reference, you do get to plough what you sow.

Recently I was talking to the owner of a foreign exchange company and he said:

“One thing I don’t like is when we call up clients and they say that they DID have a need but they sourced the solution elsewhere because ‘I didn’t know you did that‘.”

I agree, that’s frustrating.

But it begs the question:  Why didn’t the customer know?  Why weren’t the right seeds planted?

This is where telesales should really step in.  If the seeds had been planted in the correct way, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t secure the deal right there, at least the other person knows what you do.  Used in the right way, telesales calls are like a short, 10-30 second ad break.  And if your approach was professional, then you have done your future chances no harm.

So, if you’re in telesales, the next time you are asked about your success, you can answer that while you might not have sold anything right now,  you have established hundreds more connections with the right people, in the right companies, who will be making decisions about our services in the future.

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