How Many Times A Day Do You Negotiate?

Negotiation, in its purest form, happens all the time. When we are craving a certain restaurant for dinner, we must negotiate with our significant other who has differing tastes and cravings. When we want to take time off work, we must negotiate workloads and coverage with our boss.

At work every day, you negotiate for a wide variety of things with your co-workers, from who gets to take off certain days over the holidays to developing an agenda for a meeting of four different departments.

There are more important negotiations that can have a significant impact on our career trajectory, and even our livelihoods, that require finesse and skill and take time. And there are negotiations between sales people and clients or prospects that can occur hourly in some cases.


So actually the world is your training ground for negotiation skills. Once you realise you can sharpen your negotiation skills in almost every situation, you’ll suddenly be aware of a multitude of opportunities to negotiate everywhere you go.


The following tips are ways you can practice your negotiation skills on a daily basis:

1. Learn to listen. Learning to really listen means not just hearing what someone says, but being able to express that thought back to the other person in your own words. Imagine a team meeting where a co-worker has just identified a solution that you think is hair-brained. Through active listening, you either identify that his scheme is, indeed, hair-brained, or that it might just have possibilities. Once you show someone you’ve really listened and understand their needs and desires, you can move the conversation forward towards resolution through negotiation tactics.

2. Look for things you have in common. Try to identify as much common ground as you can with the other party. The more common ground you find, the easier the asking part of negotiations can be. You might strike up a conversation with a sales clerk in an antiques shop about a certain period piece of furniture you’re interested in. You might find that the sales clerk shares your passion for Louis IVX writing desks. This connection will bring you closer together. Don’t try to force it though. These commonalities should be organic and identifiable. Insincerity can bring negotiations to a halt.

3. Find out how important the issue is. Is the other party involved deeply and emotionally in this issue or is he or she likely to give a little or a lot? Consider, for example, a situation with a co-worker who wants to take off the same day you’ve already scheduled as a holiday. You find out she needs the time off because her child is having outpatient surgery that day. Thus, she’s fairly emotionally involved in this issue. This might be an opportunity for you to team up with your co-worker and negotiate a win-win for everyone with the boss. Just make sure your proposed solution is viable.

4. Try a new technique every day. Research negotiation skills, read expert content, and take classes to continually update and upgrade your negotiations skills. And practice something new you’ve learned every day. You might try a new mirroring technique you’ve learned with your teenage son to get him to relax and trust you a little while you’re having a weekly Saturday night excursion negotiation that involves the car keys.


While you’re sharpening your negotiation skills in your daily life, keep one thing in mind: people do not like to feel manipulated. This is an important part of the skill set you’re practising. Sincerity and honesty are always the foundation for good negotiations.

If you’d like to amp up your negotiation skills and take them to the next level, Natural Training offers a range of advanced negotiating skills programmes. We provide a balanced and progressive training that plays off of your natural abilities and teaches you the cutting edge techniques that today’s experts use. Call us now to talk about your situation and your objectives – 0207 043 1582.

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