The Missing Link Between Persuasion and Running The Country

This week the Guardian explored Ed Miliband’s seemingly prominent role in the Labour Party’s low popularity ratings… Click here for full article

“His fundamental failure has been one of salesmanship. He has not persuaded the voters to think of him differently. He has produced policies that are individually popular but too few of which are regarded as deliverable. He has got a story about how Britain could be, but he has yet to find a way of telling that story that enough Britons find convincing. And he has not got all that much time left.”

Even potential UK Leaders find it a challenge to convey their messages in the right way, to the right people and at the right time. Not being able to tell your story effectively can completely negate what you’re trying to do. You can have one of the most powerful teams in the country, work to introduce some of the most powerful policies and be doing everything by the book – but this won’t have the effect you want and need without the right communication style.  In Ed’s case, his lack of persuasion and conviction may cost him his votes to lead the country.

Ed is not alone in needing to develop this key skill though. Over 60% of our clients report missing out on deals and partnerships every day because they haven’t quite hit the spot with how to tell their story, and this is where we step in and have made a real difference for them – Natural Training Case Studies

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