New Ways of Talking to Clients that will Make an Impact

We all want our clients to be engaged and fully present in the conversations we have with them, not bored or thinking up excuses to cut the meeting short.  You already know that you must listen actively and not be in broadcast mode all the time, but there are other ways you can make an impact when talking to clients.

1. Speak their Language

This doen’t mean you have to swot up and adopt the business jargon that your client uses.  That would just come across as false and unnatural.  What it does mean is familiarising yourself with your client’s industry and business, their pain points and what’s important to them.

2. Speak with Passion

At times you will be doing a lot of the talking and one of the most effective ways of keeping your audience enraptured is if you speak with passion.  This comes through in many ways, from the lilt and bounce in your voice to your facial expressions, particularly the eyes.

The importance of passion in a sales conversation is neatly summed up in a quote by US-based virtual speech coach, Diane Windingland:

“Speak with knowledge, people may learn.  Speak with passion, people will care”.

So jettison the script (although don’t forget the key points you want to make) and be authentic, natural and enthusiastic.

If you’re not sold on the importance of passion, listen to any speech radio documentary such as those on Radio 4.  Select an esoteric topic that would usually hold no appeal for you and be amazed at how the speakers make you sit up and listen.  Interviewees are chosen for their knowledge and their passion about their chosen topic.  Alternatively, just watch any documentary fronted by Professor Brian Cox.  His passion for science is infectious.  A passionate speaker can even make two insects crawling up a wall sound fascinating.

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3. Tell personal stories that are relevant

Storytelling is among the oldest and most effective forms of communication.  Memorable stories engage and connect on an emotional level.  They are a fantastic way of persuading without resorting to the hard sell.  So, for example, think of true stories you can tell about how some of your clients were struggling until you came a long and provided them with a solution.

4. Anticipate client questions and objections

Sure, your company sells the best widgets this side of Saturn, but your prospect may still inundate you with lots of questions.  Try and anticipate them as much as possible. The more you are able to come across as knowledgeable and helpful, the bigger and better the impression you will make. More on knowledge & objection handling.

Relationships Drive Sales

Many of today’s customer engagement strategies are more about forming a mutually beneficial relationship where you and your clients both win.  It should not feel like a contest where only you come out on top.

A relationship founded on interdependent needs will naturally lead you to the kind of language and ways of expressing your words that make meaningful and impactful connections.  In turn, this will help to drive your revenue.

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