“Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels” (+ 5 New Natural Variations)

UK Celebrity Supermodel Kate Moss said in an interview towards the end of 2009 that one of her mottos is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

As a message it attracted some controversy, because it might encourge teenagers to eat less.  And it might, which isn’t good.

But it has been said now, and in doing so has encouraged me to stop eating as much.

In fact, as a message I think it absolutely works on several levels and is becoming my mantra for 2010!

(Or at least until I lose a stone).

But what about some Natural Training business variations?  Here’s a few to start us off – please feel free to respond with your own!

1.  No PowerPoint looks as good as a presenter sounds.

2.  No sale is as good as an annoyed customer.

3.  No negotiation feels as good as a win-win one.

4.  No leader communicates as well as one who has performed your role.

5.  No script works as well as natural feels.

Got a favourite out of these?  Or perhaps one of your own?  Let me know!

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