OMP#44: The 5 Hallmarks Of Sales Streetfighters

So that’s another World Cup done and dusted. While some of you will be wondering what to do with your now vacant and worthless life, others will be delighted to reclaim the lounge room and local pub. (If you are part of the latter group then skip right now to paragraph four!)

On Sunday night the World Cup Final featured a Dutch player by the name of Mark van Bommel, who they say was a former street-fighter turned mongrel footy player. Here is a tongue-in-cheek description of him from his Wikipedia page: “Van Bommel can still be seen in this year’s world cup practicing his particular form of butchery. His preferred cuts of meat are ankle, shin, knee and thigh and he prefers his meat tenderised”.

However he lost his crown to the ultimate street-fighting move on the night: the “foot in the middle of the chest” from team-mate Nigel de Jong.

Whilst not that extreme, today’s OMP is bare-knuckled and a touch on the aggressive side: today we are talking about fighting for every sale.

There are plenty of selling opportunities to be closed right now. There are successful and very happy sales people in all of our customer organisations. The classic 80/20 ratio still applies: the top 20% of the sales people are making 80% of the money. This ratio hasn’t changed from 5 years ago, nor the 20 years before that. There is money to be made.

The difference with the most successful sellers we see is their attitude. They simply don’t give up. They sense the urgency, smell the opportunity and really go for it until they get a yes or a no. They aren’t afraid to take it right up to their prospective customers and scrap their way to a sale.

How do you know a successful sales streetfighter from a recession-accepting has-been?

Here are the 5 Hallmarks of Sales Streetfighters:

1. They don’t mention the war. There is nothing to be gained by getting involved in a discussion with a customer about the recession. They instead stay positive and focus the customer on the buying advantages, such as making them or saving them a lot of money.

2. They play aggressively, but fair. No point hiding behind email when you’re streetfighting, is there? Successful sales people today punch out phone calls, box their way through gatekeepers, meet 3 clients a day, and don’t believe a thing unless it comes straight out of the buyer’s mouth.

3. Today’s streetfighters understand sales heat. They know when they are close to landing the killer punch, and they refuse to let the sale cool down at that point. We have a free e-book on this very subject – how to keep the heat in the sale. Click here to download your copy.

4. Sales streetfighters don’t buckle under pressure. They don’t roll over and discount needlessly. They preserve and defend their value.

5. Sales streetfighters understand ratios. If they were making 60 phone calls a day in the good times to hit target, they are making 100 a day now to hit the same target.
If you feel you or your sales team is missing out on business, it could be time to start instilling the right fighting attitude. We have loads more ideas and short training sessions that can help – give us a call on 0207 043 1582 to find out more.


Pregnant Pause

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