OMP#53: Imagination Wins Business

“We have the power to imagine better.” – J.K. Rowling

This week’s OMP is all about helping your clients and audiences to utilise their imagination, which will help you sell.  And there’s no better place to start than with Lego.


Lego recently wanted to improve their innovation, customer experience and of course, sales.  So a team from Lego worked out something ingenious…


They developed a retail point-of-sale display that shows in vivid detail a 3D hologram when the package is held up to it.  You can see a video of this fantastic innovation here. (I found the third one down the page particularly good).


Despite being a really nice bit of technology, the sales message here is clear:  it excites the right-brain of the buyer by helping to fuel imagination, possibilities and creativity, giving buyers more excuses to dig out that wallet.


How does this relate to you and your sales success in 2011?  It’s simple:  to close more business, focus on helping your customer to imagine using your product or service.


While features and benefits are important, customers don’t buy them.  They buy what they imagine those features and benefits to do for them.


For example, you don’t just buy luxury A4 paper for a big proposal – you buy the positive impression you imagine your client will have when they receive it.   You don’t just buy a house with a backyard – you buy the joy that you imagine the backyard will bring to your kids.


So how do you do help fuel the imagination of your clients?  Here are three tips:


a.        Start your sentences with the words “Just imagine…” or “Imagine if you will…”  This helps the customer to visualise what you are talking about – it really does work like a switch.


b.       In your conversation use names, places and situations unique to the customer’s environment:  “John can you imagine the look on Prue Water’s face when we deliver this to you on time and with money left over?”


c.        Sometimes a sale can be enhanced by utilising imagination as a negative emotion:  “John, you don’t want to replicate last year with your internet going down every 2 hours and your sales suffering…”


JK Rowling and Lego are both right – we all do have the power to imagine better.  And when selling, we definitely have the power to help our customers imagine better.  Try those techniques and let me know the result!

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