A presentation skills tip: be the Google for your audience

Google is one of the biggest success stories in the past ten years. Most of us depend on it – frequently.

But what exactly is it about Google that has made it such a force?

It’s simple: Google helps us to make sense of the vast amount of data available in the information economy in which we live.

Many presenters could learn a thing or two from Google.

More than half of the people we train leave it to their audience to try and sift through and find the information they need.

Dumping a bucket load of information on an audience is not the way to communicate well.

Most audiences really don’t have the time and inclination to do all the hard work themselves, and nor should they.

A better way is to imagine that you are the Google for your audience.

By doing your homework prior and finding out just the information the audience needs, you can become like the world’s best search engine. Imagine that they are putting in key words, demanding you deliver on these themes!

You will deliver to them relevant, problem solving information that ticks their boxes every time.

And just like the way we love Google, so will your audiences love you.

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