Jamie Oliver and Natural Presentation Style


In a recent newspaper article, when asked to nominate his top 3 chefs, Jamie said the following:

“Gordon Ramsay’s a really good bloke. He’s funny, bright, he sticks to his guns, he has his own style, which is totally not my style, but I completely respect it….” (Guardian).

Oliver has realised the secret to success: by being himself and creating his own style he has sold cookbooks and TV shows by the truckload.

Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Bill from Sydney – all have their own style. Likewise, I think it is absolutely essential to develop your own unique, presentation style.

Your style is the right style.

When you are presenting in your own style you are at your most believable and convincing. Audiences have an in-built lie detector – they can tell when something is not quite right.

Example: “There’s something about that person I don’t trust” is usually a result of words and actions not being harmonious. Such as an exaggerated hand gesture, a strange series of words or some posturing that you might have picked up from someone.

It’s such a shame when you watch someone who isn’t confident enough to be themselves.

So, you might be thinking, how do you develop a natural style when presenting?

Here’s a simple test:

Video yourself during a real presentation.

Is the person you see on screen really you? That is – relaxed and in control – such as around family situations. If not, then you need to get certainty of message when you speak.

Certainty = confidence. And confidence = natural style.

This is the secret to what we do at Natural Training.

It’s all about certainty, confidence and of course a big serving of natural style – just like Jamie Oliver.

If you would like to know more about capturing your natural style, then please do give me a call and we can chat about it!

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