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Adam uses a very personalised approach and focuses specifically on quickly establishing rapport and credibility with everyone he works with.  He approaches facilitating and coaching with energy, fun, humility, and a wealth of practical experience.

As a highly qualified and experienced trainer, facilitator and coach, Adam loves working people to improve their understanding and application of how they influence and present themselves with appropriate levels of impact to gain results.

Adam is all about helping people use their natural style and unlock their unlimited potential quickly and easily.  Adam has extensive experience working as part of in-house development teams and also as a business owner.  This experience has taught him that people don’t learn things by listening to someone talk at them – real and lasting learning comes when people get involved.

When not helping his customers, Adam devotes his time to his passion for surfing, searching the cold waters of the UK and warmer waters of the rest of the world for perfect waves.

Adam says:

I believes that to bring about rapid understanding, learners must DO what it is they are trying to understand. The Natural Training method uses this hands-on approach to training.  We are always looking for new and interesting ways to help people understand themselves and each other.


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