Our Top 5 Romantic Sales Movies

For Valentine’s Day, here’s our Top 5 Romantic Sales Movies…



BDM Fiona has been using an Excel spreadsheet for all of her prospecting.  One day by chance she hits an icon on her desktop, and realises that it’s the company CRM.


Pipeline Prejudice

The ancient deals in the pipeline countryside threaten the accuracy of the forecast.  Along comes Mr Darcy who seems intent on making the number real.


My Best Friend’s Warning

Dave and Wayne love a bit of banter on the sales floor.  But when Wayne gets a written warning from a new Manager in town, suddenly sparks begin to fly.


Leads Actually

Watch this small-town group of cold callers react as they realise marketing has finally worked and they receive their first three leads.


Guess Who’s Coming to Kick-off?

Preparations are going well for the 2018 kick-off – that is until Global Head

Sarah Moodhoovah announces she is attending.

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