Paul is the best in the world at negotiating


Here is how he does it….


This is Paul.

He is our new Managing Director at Natural, which means he helps all of us Naturals with the skills and behaviours of negotiation. This enables us all to resolve conflict, see things from other people’s perspectives, and close more deals.

We’ve been watching Paul negotiate for a while now, and so has the rest of the world, because Paul has been training executive teams in professional negotiation skills for 8 years. And he’s brilliant at it.

If you want to be like Paul, and develop world-class negotiation skills, then here’s how you can do it:

1. Paul doesn’t haggle

When Paul talked about his salary package at Natural, he didn’t haggle. He just said “this is what I think I’m worth, let’s quickly get to an agreement”. Paul knew his market value and didn’t quibble over a few quid. He just wanted the question of salary over and done with so that he could get on with the important stuff.

Paul also just bought a house. Unlike most negotiation stories, he worked out the interests and pressures of both sides and the deal was done in a couple of days.

Paul doesn’t believe in haggling at work either. His negotiations are quick and painless. Again, he achieves this by knowing what is important to all parties concerned. He focuses on achieving a collaborative deal that makes sense for both sides, without the need to bargain hard over the investment needed. He knows that after all our costs he needs to achieve 15% net profit by the end of the year. If clients fit that profile, and we can make our small yet vital profit, then we do business with them. If they don’t, then we don’t.

Compare all of Paul’s negotiations mentioned above to some of the negotiations you have had that left you frustrated and empty. There’s something wonderfully simple and stress free about not always negotiating over the tangible, but focusing on the intangible, isn’t there? That’s why Paul looks so relaxed, and why he’s the world’s best negotiator.

2. Paul is creative

Paul believes creativity is at the heart of negotiation.

Recently, working with a client, it became clear that the commercial terms were misaligned, this almost led to the deal centring on the fees, as often happens in this type of scenario. Through careful listening and questioning Paul was able to understand the interests of the other party and identify exactly where the issue lay. By opening up the other party and aligning all interests, the deal was sealed without the fees needing to be changed.

Paul’s creativity gives him the edge in his negotiations, which is why he’s the best in the world at negotiation.

3. Paul is a great listener

Paul is very good at listening. Why? Because if you listen hard enough, customers will tell you exactly how they want to buy from you. If Paul didn’t listen then the negotiation could easily have become a win-lose, fee based, bargaining situation which would likely have deadlocked.

Paul will often say nothing in a negotiation, but his notebook fills up with lots of little ideas about how he will negotiate the best deal for him and the customer. And that’s when he is ready to talk.

Paul’s listening skills mean that people can feel that he understands them. It’s what makes him a world-class negotiator.

4. Paul wants the truth about his performance

Paul will not only want feedback about how he is performing, he demands it. This is one of the hallmarks of great leaders, and great negotiators. They realise that knowing the truth is far better than not knowing it.

These small ‘truth adjustments’ help Paul to adjust by 1-2 performance degrees along the way. “Mr Client, how am I doing here – I feel I could be doing more to help.” That’s what peak performance is – the accumulation of tiny, marginal gains. And that’s what Paul does better than anyone else in the world.

5. Paul is in it for the right reasons

Paul believes that life is bigger than business. He loves his partner Cath and his four children, his extended family and his friends much more than he loves haggling over pennies at work. As a result, when you meet Paul, you want to do business with him because you just know, intuitively, that he will do the right thing by you. Paul takes that usual pressure off the table, and doesn’t come across as taking himself too seriously. That’s why Paul is the best negotiator in the world.

Paul is so good at negotiating that he is currently writing 100% of the Negotiation Training that we provide in our Sales Transformation Programmes. If you, or your team, need to develop world-class negotiation skills, then feel free to give Paul a buzz anytime on 020 7043 1582, or drop him a note at

You could even drop in and see Paul at our new offices in Aldgate East in a cool part of the City of London. Why not see if you can get a discount off our training? Put his world-class negotiating skills to the test!

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