Is this the perfect case study?

A case study is recorded PROOF that you, as a company, deliver to customers in a pretty outstanding way. Most case studies are pretty standard. However from time to time we see a case study that is a cut above. What makes for a great case study?

First, watch this 2 minute video and then we will analyse it.

Here’s what we LOVE about this video:

a) High clarity – if you didn’t know about the campaign before this, then now you do.

b) Nice production – we don’t have to do any thinking. The voiceover, script and storyboard has been written in such a way as to make it easy for a 10 year old to understand.

c) It is statistically relevant. It has a big number, 21%, at the end, that indicates the campaign has worked.

This type of video might seem out of the normal realms of what you need to pay to get a case study up and running (we estimate about £5,000 to produce this one). But I wonder how much it will return to you in new customer business if you aim to produce something like this video once a year?

Do you have any similar great case studies to share? If so, we will publish the best ones on this blog. Simply email us the link to referencing this blog.

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