Presentation Skills Training: The “Imagination Journey” Opening

Noreena Hertz recently presented as part of the fabulous TED TALKS platform.

Here is the presentation so you can follow while I point out a couple of tips:

Noreena has a creative opening that I’ve seen structurally a few times – be it in movies, books or presentations.

It’s what I call the Imagination Journey Opening – where you take people in a matter of a few seconds through several continents, scenarios or states of mind.  It works because it moves audiences from where they are to a different scene.

And all audiences LOVE variety.

She could have equally started this with “imagine if you will…” which might have helped her audience picture her scenes even more clearly.

My final note on this creative opening is that Noreena makes it work with the subject matter “How To Use Experts – And When Not To”.   Too many times creative openings are nice, and witty, and pleasant and all of that.  But they don’t tie into the message.

Best of luck with your next creative opening – maybe you can take your audience on a journey just like Noreena.

During our presentation skills training in London and around the UK we will give you great new tips on how to creatively open your presentation – give me a call and we can have a chat!

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