Presenting? Add The Natural, Human, Likeable Touch!

Yes, 50% of the world are introverted, and of those 25% are analytical types who really don’t like presenting much.

Is that you?  I feel that it’s definitely Steven Cowley.

Steve’s a Physicist and directs the UK’s leading fusion research centre.  All pretty complicated stuff, and he is understandably a bit nervous about appearing on the big stage in one of the world’s most popular speaking forums, TED TALKS.

Yet, Steve adds the human, natural touch at the start of his presentation, which gets a laugh and warms the audience.  Watch for when he makes some comments about his childhood:  ”when my mother gave me food…”, and “a strange child”.

The point is:  give people a little insight into your life and they will similarly warm to you.

Natural Training is the natural choice for presentation skills training – give me a call and we can have a chat!

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