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Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling

Clear & authentic company stories to inspire action

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Programme Overview

If you feel that your company story isn’t being told well, then this Business Storytelling training programme can really help.

  • Is your team telling your company story in an engaging and inspiring way?
  • Do your customers and stakeholders buy in to your organisation’s story?
  • Can your prospects easily tell the difference between you and competitors?

Storytelling in business is about presenting a narrative with a strong human connection that engages an audience, influencing them to act or feel differently about your company.

Told well, stories help you stand out from your competition, and provide customers and ‘raving fans’ with an easy to remember storyline.

During the training we help your team to move from fact-based lists to compelling business story telling.  This includes:

  • Identifying a clear and relevant purpose for each story
  • How to construct and narrate authentic stories that generate quicker decision making
  • Simple ways to adapt stories for product updates, customer pitches and executive summaries
  • Understanding how to elevate meaning and context behind data and facts
  • Receiving some valuable feedback on their own presentation style and content

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Business Storytelling Programme Benefits


Learn to tell engaging stories, rather than listing facts


Stand out from competitors


Convey company values, inspire emotion and create personal connections


Humanise data and insights


Lots of practice until telling your company story is second nature


Motivate your customers and audiences to take action

What our clients say

Excellent training. This really helped with my storytelling skills and how to be more on point with prospects. Engaging and informative.

Tom Smith
Business Development Executive, CoolSpirit

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How the programme works:

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