Professional Sales Skills

Professional Sales Skills

High performance sales training for mid-career sellers

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Programme Overview

Professional Sales Skills is for mid-career salespeople to take their performance to another level. This advanced sales training course will show your team how to sell in today’s fast-paced commercial world, helping reach targets quicker.

The Natural Difference is simple techniques that fit in well with the natural style of the individual, giving an authentic, convincing selling approach.

Professional Sales Skills is built around 10 modules that will raise the game of your mid-career salespeople:

    1. Professional Sales Mindset –  The psychological forces to maintain consistency, motivation & resilience. Includes Professional Gravitas.
    2. The Natural Selling Method – Creating a blueprint for success including sales milestones & predictable pipeline.
    3. Today’s prospecting Methods – Phone & social selling for a big impact with the right type of prospect.
    4. Stakeholder Mapping – Simple techniques to uncover buying DMUs & adjust approach & messaging.
    5. Professional Discoveries – Finetune your questioning & listening techniques to engage and uncover the edge.
    6. Value Selling – The secrets to growing value and developing a winning proposition.
    7. Persuasion & Influence – How to change minds when change seems impossible – includes professional writing skills.
    8. Pitching to Win – Converting more sales opportunities into wins with phenomenal pitches.
    9. Professional Negotiations – How to handle objections, protect value & profit, leading to more closed deals with the right shape.
    10. Closing Skills – Methods to close the deal in a professional way with fewer challenges.

In this programme we start actively selling on day one. Along the way we keep track of all your sales via our online ROI Room. That way, by the end of the programme, you will know exactly what it has returned.  Other clients are enjoying in excess of 20:1 ROI.

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Programme Benefits


Develop a winning, accountable, ‘can-do’ professional sales mindset


Move your sales from good to great


Conduct professional Discoveries to find an angle that sells


Uncover the latest techniques to generate qualified leads.


Create and articulate the unique, winning value of your products in a way that drives prospects to take action.


Learn how to close the right type of new business and negotiate to protect revenue margins.

What our clients say

Natural continue to provide best value to our whole organisation through fresh, world class blended learning with tangible results. One recent programme paid itself off in 3 weeks.

Anthony Cole-Johnson
Sky Business

Your Natural Blended Learning Journey:

learning pathway for professional sales skills advance sales training course

Case Study

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Virgin Media Business 

We created the ‘Digital Allies’ training programme for VMB. See how they smashed their sales targets using our Professional Sales Skills training.

How the programme works:

Ready to get started?

Let’s make it yours – naturally..
Please give us a call to arrange an in-depth consultation to work out how we can make the programme feel and look just right for you, with your stories, your products and your people featuring prominently.

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