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Sales Kick-Off

Sales Kick-Off

Boosting your team’s skills, motivation and focus.

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Programme Overview

  • Do you have a sales event coming up, such as a yearly kick-off/reboot, new product launch, or company get-together?
  • Do you need a high-energy format to train and motivate your people?
  • Do you feel your sales team could be more impactful at presenting your company or product story?

Natural’s Sales Kick-Off (SKO) is ideally placed for Managers who would like to add a high-octane 4-6-hour training event within their sales team get-together, usually at the start of a calendar or financial year, and also appropriate for product launches, company merges and acquisitions, vendor-sponsored sales focus days and simply to give your sales team a chance to get together and have some fun.

There is a particular focus on pitching your company or product story in a clear, memorable and authentic way, using one of our three pitching structures in a competitive team environment.  At the end of the event your sales team will have the practiced ability to tell your story in a way that is more likely to motivate prospects and customers to take action.

As always at Natural, we have a highly practical focus, featuring real clients and sales initiatives that you would like to drive, meaning that the training is immediately useful when we release your team back into the wild.  This impacts the ROI of your event – you get payback sooner with Natural.

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Programme Benefits


A structured, fun component of your SKO that will drive better sales communication with clients.


A high-octane event to motivate and inspire your team to greater heights.


Create and articulate the unique, winning value of your company, products and services in a way that drives prospects to take action.


Help launch new product initiatives by getting the messaging right, from the start, in a clean, repeatable way with your core DNA and value at heart.


Present your company story in a compelling, brief and natural way – right across the team.

Case Study

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Sales Kick Off

Direct Debit payments specialist GoCardless wanted to hold a special event for their global sales kick-off in London.

What our clients say

A high-energy event that helped us focus on our GoCardless Value Story, and telling it with pride, passion and with the customer at heart. The best Sales Kick Off I have ever attended – thanks Natural!

Tara Homara

Your Natural Blended Learning Journey:

Case Study

GoCardless company logo

Sales Kick Off

Direct Debit payments specialist GoCardless wanted to hold a special event for their global sales kick-off in London.

How the programme works:

Ready to get started?

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Please give us a call to arrange an in-depth consultation to work out how we can make the programme feel and look just right for you, with your stories, your products and your people featuring prominently.

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