The REAL Criteria for Judging Pitches – (Not Just What You Think The Criteria May Be)

How often have you prepared for a pitch? Every organisation has their own way of working out what to include and how to prepare for client pitches, but sometimes what we think is important to our client, isn’t actually the case. Time to review…

Regardless of your industry, the following criteria usually apply:

1.  Previous relevant experience in sector/category

2.  Track record with our organisation

3.  Special insights into issues/problems/audiences

4.  Understanding of our operating environment

5.  Ability to deliver solution

6.  Reputation

7.  Cost effectiveness – commitment to targets and evaluation (People often think this comes before 7!)

8.  Strength of senior management

9.  Company size and resources available

10.  Financial stability

11.  Recent new business performance

12.  Position with own sector

13.  Reputation with intermediaries

14.  Performance against industry surveys/benchmarks/league tables

15.  Relevance of proposed solution

16.  Creativity of proposed solution

17.  Chemistry of pitching team

18.  Culture of company

19.  People and environmental policy

20.  Clarity of thinking and reputation for delivery

(Taken from The Pitch Doctor, by Peter Rogen)

Have a think about the above – did you apply these criteria in this order in your last pitch? If you didn’t, is it worth applying them to your next pitch? Just see what happens…

Let me know it goes! or 0207 043 1582

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