Sales leaders gather for Natural Training Showcase event in London

Our handprint logo stands for the fact that our sales ethic is tailored around real people, in the real world. We report back from last week’s Natural Training Showcase Seminar, where several of the biggest names in sales told us their stories, and shared their ideas and insights.

Some of the highest level and most influential HR and Sales Directors from across the UK gathered last week to attend Natural Training’s one-off showcase seminar, which took place at the Thistle Hotel in Euston, London.  Throughout the day high-profile speakers led discussions on a variety of issues such as the state and reputation of the modern-day sales industry and what has changed in the profession.

Master of Ceremonies for the day, Paul Owen, founder of Let’s get Britain Selling! led 30 of the biggest names in UK sales, through eight taster sessions presented by key note speakers including Natural Training Director and author of our new book The Natural Sales Evolution, Matt Drought. Guests were also given the opportunity for one-on-one Evolve Strategy Sessions™ with speaker Matt Drought and Nick Winwood.

Also speaking on the day were Natural Training’s Deborah Sowry, Mary Langan and Nigel Hopkins. The day’s guest speakers were ‘Mr. LinkedIn’ Mark Williams and the ISMM’s Ben Turner.

Having such high profile speakers share and discuss industry-leading advice, which came from real-world experience and their own personal challenges, contributed to the day’s success. Each of the speakers gave their own slant on sales strategy and identity, referring to solutions to the biggest challenges they themselves have seen in the workplace.

Matt Drought’s presentation extracted lessons from The Natural Sales Evolution, which itself builds on his extensive experience in the sales industry, and his belief in the power of the individual. His ‘natural history’ provided the story of how the book came to be, as a result of two milestone sales.

Key messages from the showcase included:

  • Respect your client – As both consumers and procurement staff get more tech-savvy, much of what you want to say about your company is easily accessible. By selling yourself as a natural and trustworthy aide you will win your prospect’s respect, and subsequent business.
  • Reputation is everything – As well as your company’s details, your own personal details are now pasted all over the web, and shared in seconds. A poor reputation spreads faster than a good one, so make sure you’re not making any enemies.
  • Invest in your sellers – The ‘c’mon lads’ style of leadership is a wasted effort. Training, teaching and support is what creates motivated and qualified professionals, who are ready to showcase products to the world.


Audience members were asked to change seats throughout the day, and never sit next to the same person twice, which brought about an air of collaboration and allowed ideas to be shared and passed around from diverse sources. Attendees were constantly tweeting about the event, and re-tweeting the @Natural_Sales live feed.

A selection of the tweets:

Brilliant opening session from Matt with some superb insights into 2013 sales predictions #naturalshowcase

#naturalshowcase Great morning’s seminar – lots of great food for thought!

Outstanding sales teams: Day-to-day motivation works, not the Monday morning ‘inspirational’ speech #naturalshowcase

A selection of comments from the day:

“Inspirational – food for thought – motivating”

“Excellent. Motivated, inspiring people talk about what they believe in and trying to make a difference.”

Natural, motivated and inspirational people. I will take a lot back [to work] but what I will implement tomorrow is the ‘pitch off’ idea.”

‘Mr. LinkedIn’ (Mark Williams) is the first accredited LinkedIn trainer in the UK and the primary authority on how to monetise LinkedIn. His talk offered practical advice, based around three stories from his own career, in which colleagues and friends had used LinkedIn information to surprising effect in their sales careers.

Feedback from the day’s events justified the efforts of the team, with audience members engaging and contributing throughout. The Champagne networking event held after the showcase allowed speakers and attendees to discuss the ideas put forward during the day and delegates reported that Mark William’s LinkedIn advice, Mary Langan’s comprehensive guide to modern-day presentation techniques, and the ‘Why’ approach to business identity, first suggested by TED speaker Simon Sinek and built on by Matt Drought and Paul Owen, were particularly useful.

The day was a collaborative success, both providing a platform for the top level of UK sales to share the latest ideas and selling strategies, and expressing Natural Training’s honest and personal approach to sales.

Find out more about Natural Training’s new book, The Natural Sales Evolution, by clicking here and taking advantage of the Natural Training special offer.

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