Sales – One Place Where Robots Don’t Survive

There are too many robots in sales. With highly-scripted sales techniques, robots are less flexible, less effective, and less successful than friendly humans who focus on relationships.

Never endless energy

You can see this trend in many different mediums. For emails, a personalised subject line increases open rates by 22%, and 96% of organisations believe that personalised emails will improve performance. Personalised videos once helped Land Rover increase purchase intent by 53%

So why does personalisation last while robots fade away?

People Want to Buy from People (Not Robots)

Despite the current world of digital connections and online transaction, customers still want to deal with real people. The human connection can go a long way in forming a relationship and establishing sales, and it should not be neglected for a robotic sales technique.

It Makes Customers Feel Special and Unique

Not only do people value the human connection, they want to feel important. With a robotic sales approach, it can be hard to make people feel like the most important person in the world; after all, the sales message is designed to appeal to the most people possible, which essentially means it appeals to no one.

Customers Can Tell When a Script is Being Used

People are not stupid. Scripts, with highly-regimented wording and perfectly trimmed sentences, are easily identified, especially by today’s consumers who have been bombarded by marketing messages and advertising at every corner. They know what a pitch sounds like, they have heard scripted rebuttals before, and they understand the pressures of closing a sale. Once a customer gets the feeling that they’re hearing a robotic message, they are more likely to tune you out.

Sales Reps May Rely Too Heavily on Scripts

When you train strictly on scripts, you teach your people to rely on a pre-determined message. This makes it hard for people to branch out and talk to people in a personal, humanised manner. Your team may come to rely on scripts so much that breaking away from robotic messages may become frightening.

Enhance Your Team with Natural Training

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