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We have trained 18,612 sales people from 89 technology companies in 35 countries. Natural has a strong results focus, meaning that every part of our sales training is measurable, giving our clients an industry-leading 22:1 Return on Investment.

We have added £66m worth of sales to our technology partners.


Why is Natural Training so successful in the tech sector?

Natural is your perfect training partner because we cut through the detail and clutter of technology to get right to the heart of natural human selling behaviour.

The secret to our success is that we provide simple, immediately useful sales techniques and tools that help to develop natural, authentic selling styles. Salespeople learn, then apply the learning directly on the phones, building sales ‘muscle memory’ and achieving great results.

Our flagship training programme is Natural LIVE, specifically for Inside Sales Teams. We create a competitive, high energy atmosphere on your sales floor, moving from training room to sales floor in quick succession.

No training company will work harder to understand your sales teams. And no training programme will work harder to improve their performance.

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Challenges in the Technology Industry:

– Not just selling them technology, but understanding your customer’s business and their wider tech roadmap

– Defining a value proposition that moves customers to take action

– Elevating discussions past your usual IT contacts to operate more widely across your customers’ business – particularly with the business owners

– More personal impact and gravitas within your customer networks

– Seen as trusted advisors, our customers businesses rely on our understanding, thought leadership and innovation.

– De-risking your proposition for customers, while ensuring that they see the opportunity clearly

– Prioritise selling as primary purpose rather than the ‘fixer’ of issues

– Account planning skills to navigate through complex decision making systems and wider stakeholder groups

– Using CRM and Social Selling tools such as LinkedIn to hunt down new opportunities

– Moving past usual sales objections with faster closing techniques and skills

I cannot begin to tell you how well this initiative has been received by our teams. There is an energy on the floor that has not been here in the 10 months I’ve been a part of Veeam.

Liz McClune
Veeam Software

The team have learnt an incredible amount from an extremely well structured day and the results (43 new opportunities) speak for themselves!

Peter Gadd, EMEA Strategic Director
Dell EMC

Take a look at our recently designed programmes

Since 2005 we have been building award-winning, practical sales training programmes. Our secret is that we build something that feel natural, engages teams, and is 100% your own, resulting in higher value sales.

There are two ways of engaging with us; either we write you a full learning programme based on your specific challenges, or we start with one of our popular programme frameworks – select yours on the right, and talk to us about making it uniquely yours!

Build a fresh programme with us

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Psychology of Sales

Every sales problem starts off with a thinking problem.  We find out how your sales people (and non-sales people) regard their roles, and particularly focus on what sorts of activities are taking them away from selling.  We then realign your team’s selling psychology and behaviours.

Strategy & Process

How much more could you be selling if you had a well-defined, consistent and scalable selling strategy and process?  We can create a  strategic “Sales Process Blueprint” so that your team has a repeatable, scalable method of selling the right solution shape to the right type of customer.

Proactivity & Motivation

Sales people, and non-sales people can lose their selling energy – even when they appear to be doing well.  This can result in poor activity numbers and conversions.  Natural will help your team to rediscover their inner fire, and channel it to achieve remarkable sales success.

Tools & Technology

You might have some great sales tools, but are your sales people utilising them to drive more new business through the door?  Talk to us about your current or future sales tool suite, such as marketing initiatives, CRM, WebEx and so on, and we can help your team to achieve success.

Prospecting & Social

Sales prospecting is like a muscle that needs constant attention otherwise it can wither away.  If generating leads via the telephone and social media have become your team’s last priority, then Natural’s prospecting methods will help.   We will reintroduce the energy and success around prospecting, with lots of fresh new methods to generate leads.

Conversations that Sell

Customers are more informed today, so your sales teams need to be clever to get through to the right person with the most valuable approach.  At Natural we have some smart ways to get through gatekeepers, leave voicemails that receive call-backs, and have conversations that move customers to sit up and take notice.

Business Acumen

The role of selling has changed – today customers want to be educated by someone who comes across as a trusted advisor.  Key to this is for your sales teams to have the acumen to know how business works – for example how a balance sheet fits together, and how to talk to people from different departments.

Value Selling

Value creation lies at the heart of most successfully closed sales deals.  All businesses, including your competition, will have a value driven proposition. The winners communicate this value in a way that resonates with your prospect, and moves them to take action. Natural will teach your group how to create, develop, and articulate your value.

Qualifying & Pipeline

Are your sales people spending too much time on deals that aren’t the right shape for your business?  If so, you may need Natural’s help to help them qualify deals in and out of your pipeline, so they spend more time on the deals most likely to fall your way.

Meetings & Pitching

Sales presentations have evolved; no longer is it about a “standard PPT deck”.  Your team now needs to bake insight into your presentations, to ensure that your customers are leaning in to the meeting and responding in your favour.  We can also help with facilitation skills and collaborative white boarding.


Your sales group may be coming up against senior, experienced negotiators.  This might mean they give away valuable margin, right at the end of the sale.  We can help your team how to negotiate the best price so that your margins are protected and you achieve win-win deal making.

Objections & Closing

Natural can help work with your team to construct a simple, authentic way to ask for the deal, when is the right time, and ensure everyone feels confident in doing so with real clients.  Along the way they will uncover typical objections, and we can help with those too.

Influencing C-Suite

Sales people have a level of comfort around selling to people at the lower levels of the organisation. Yet clearly there is a big advantage to moving higher up the business food-chain. We train your people how to have the right type of executive conversation in the C-Suite: CEOs, CFOs, COOs and so on.

Trusted Advisor

Your sales team may have a majority of ‘transactional’ accounts, without any true relationship or value driving them.  We train your group how to elevate relationships beyond a transaction, and into the world of higher value collaboration, partnership and trust.

Key Account Management

Are your KAMs spending the right amount of time growing your key accounts?  First, we align your team’s time and priorities, and then give them some clever tools and skills to grow the key customers with the most revenue generating potential.

Up/Cross Selling

Right now you probably have many customers who have only purchased a fraction of your available solutions.  We help your team to identify where the whitespace lies, and then give them the confidence and skills to sell right across their customer organisation, depth (up selling) and breadth (cross selling).

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