Our most popular programme frameworks

These are our most popular frameworks, as requested by our clients.  We can combine elements of any of these frameworks to create a programme that works just for your team. They feature a full timetable of learning, with high level overviews of the face to face workshops, and all of the templates for Natural’s blended learning techniques.

All we need to do is input your company and team DNA, language, brand, case studies and examples so that the programme feels just like your own. That’s the Natural Difference.

Telesales: Natural Live

Blends short burst sessions of learning into real live phone activity.

Natural Value Selling

Enables effective, commercial, value driven conversations.

Selling to the C-Suite

Selling to the C SuiteProvides skills & strategies to reach & move senior prospects.

Natural Sales Fundamentals

The ‘nuts and bolts’ of selling in today’s environment.

Growing Business Acumen

Consult a root cause to establish a creative, commercial solution.

Natural Insight Selling

Natural InsightBecome credible by selling with industry & commercial insights.

Natural Trusted Advisor

Move up from transactional to trusted advisor using simple, practical tools.

Natural Negotiator

Teaching value at the beginning ends in seamless negotiations at the close.

Key Account Management

Grow sales revenues from your existing customers

The Natural Presenter

Natural PresenterCreates memorable presenters, building on their own natural brilliance.

Natural Field Sales

Natural Field Sales@3xClose BIGGER business – Maximise every sales opportunity

Secrets of Selling to Procurement

Procurement don’t always focus on price, they just want you to think they do.

Natural Sales Blueprint

Creates more consistency and structure within your organisation

Natural Pitching

Win your next pitch with our proven training techniques


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