Prospecting with Purpose

Make every outbound call count for something great

Programme Overview


  • Is your team prospecting regularly and generating opportunities?
  • Is prospecting viewed as a chore, or an an opportunity?
  • Does the team need to have more impact on the phone, email and LinkedIn?

Natural’s Prospecting with Purpose is a proven training event designed to stimulate the prospecting ‘muscle’ in your sales teams, ensuring that a regular flow of new opportunities comes into your organisation.


The difference is in the name.  When we prospect with purpose, we have a different mindset.  We make our calls habitually, with the right amount of energy and drive.  Our attitude is open, positive and ’can-do’.  Our method is strengthened with powerful objectives and messaging.  Our tone is assertive, authentic and warm.


Prospecting with Purpose puts a spotlight on the most important behaviour in sales, showing your team that with the right techniques, prospecting can be simple and rewarding.

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Excellent. I found the trainer really engaging and energetic, pumping some great energy into the team and building confidence in what we are doing and saying.

Melanie Baker-Frith
Account Executive, COOLSPiRIT

Programme Benefits

1.Establish the right prospecting mindset of purpose, resilience, positivity and energy.
2.Rediscover the phone as the primary prospecting tool.
3.Develop excellent prospecting habits utilising the latest selling tools and platforms such as LinkedIn.
4.Learn to probe, listen well, take great notes and uncover more sales opportunities.
5.Create a team culture where 100% of the leads are sourced and won from their own skill base and determination to succeed.

10/10 – engaging and totally applicable to our roles. Ongoing I will focus on my sales process and prospecting techniques. Extremely informative and enormous learnings. Amazing – full of energy…

Ste Dutton
Commercial Account Director, GBG Plc

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