Sales Foundations

Six essential habits for outstanding selling

Programme Overview


  • Do your people need a grounding in the basics of sales?
  • Do they need to improve core skills like questioning, listening and value-selling?
  • Is it taking too long to induct new salespeople?
  • Do your sale people lack selling structure and process?


Natural Foundations is for people who are new to selling or would like a comprehensive grounding in the basics of successful sales. The difference between a starter in sales and a great salesperson comes down to 6 Natural Habits. We teach people what those habits are, and our blended learning programme enables your salespeople to embed them into their daily routine.


Content includes:

  • The Psychology of Sales:  Includes motivation, accountability, positivity and high performance
  • A Winning Sales Process:  Creating a blueprint for success including sales milestones & predictable pipeline
  • Prospecting:  Using today’s selling weapons to make better connections with the right prospects
  • Discovery:  Questioning, listening and trusted advice are all trained using the Natural way
  • Pitching:  Presenting your value solution back to the customer in a way that moves them to take action
  • Closing:  Techniques to handle objections, negotiate great deals and close new business.


At Natural, we help your team sell while we train, meaning that we generate real results, connections and leverage among the markets you most want to impact.

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Just excellent. A great programme, so beneficial and well presented. Well worth it!

Paula Chilton
Saint Gobain

Programme benefits

• A superb grounding in the key elements to selling that drive success.

• Develop a winning sales mindset in your team, encouraging a positive, ‘can do’, accountable culture.

• Develop the right prospecting habits – from the start – using the latest techniques to generate qualified leads.  We sell while we train.

• Create and articulate the unique, winning value of your company, products and services in a way that drives prospects to take action.

• Learn how to close the right type of new business and negotiate to protect revenue margins.

A superb course! The most useful course I’ve been on to date. Extremely insightful, with a professional approach – a great way to discover your true selling style.

Ben Ellis
Suttons Group Logistics

Your Natural Blended Learning Journey:

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