Secrets of Selling to Procurement

Procurement don’t always focus on price – they just want you to think they do

Programme Outline

Is your sales team increasingly faced with selling to more experienced negotiators from Procurement and professional buying agencies?

This may mean:

  • You get to the “last 2 or 3” in formal RFP and tender processes – but don’t win often enough?
  • You might ‘win’ some, but those deals have virtually no profit left?
  • Your salespeople and account managers feel a sense of helplessness and frustration because they cannot seem to create relationships or move beyond price to build value?

Our breakthrough programme THE SECRETS OF SELLING TO PROCUREMENT will help your team to develop profitable relationships and negotiate successfully with Procurement and buyers who are trained negotiators.


The result? A sales team that feels more comfortable and confident about dealing with Procurement professionals.


How do we do it?   By giving your team the professional secrets held by Procurement, enabling an equal seat at the table.  Companies like Canon and Firebrand have recently completed the training, and have achieved strong results.


If you would like to know more, and receive a free information pack, please reply below, and let’s get your sales team more confident, strategic and successful using our simple, proven training.

Enlightening, eye-opening, a must attend course

Phil Waller

Really well structured training, great real-world examples from the instructor.

Martin Carrick

Key Programme Benefits

1. You can influence and coach Procurement as easily as you can anyone else

2. You can manage Procurement’s stakeholders better than they do

3. You can influence the supplier selection process

4. You can influence how they really see cost and value

5. You can create a negotiation that gives you an equal seat at the table.

The Secrets of Selling to Procurement will help your team to navigate through Procurement with your price list as protected as possible – by giving your team the professional secrets held by Procurement and used every day.

SOSTP showed my team that Procurement can be open to interpretation and influence just like anyone else. In the 3 months following Secrets of Selling to Procurement our sales team has sold £87K worth of revenue as a direct result of the training. That’s a 90-day 8:1 ROI. This programme will make you money. Highly recommended.

Rob Chapman, Co-CEO

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Your Natural Blended Learning Journey:

Learning Journey Explained

Natural’s CEO Matt Drought talks through the learning journey.

Short Programme Overview

Natural’s CEO Matt Drought gives a short overview of the programme.

Meet some of our Natural Sales experts:

This is Matt.

Matt has worked alongside the world’s largest companies across sectors that include Pharmaceuticals, aviation and Technology. He specialises in communication and negotiation skills.


This is Sara.

If anyone can create a highly stimulating and engaging learning environment, which challenges people’s thinking causing them to broaden their skills, it’s Sara.  She brings a wealth of experience and energy to all of her programmes.


This is Dave.

Dave is a senior sales and procurement coach who has sold to procurement over a 20 year career. Dave brings energy, passion and high impact to every workshop he facilitates.


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