Sales Velocity: 50% more results, 10% more effort

There is a clever little equation that can give you 50% more sales results from only 10% more effort. Interested? YHoiu should be, because this is a life changer…

Sales velocity is the cycle time of the sale from initial lead to closing – sometimes we call that contact to contract. Complete that cycle faster, and you free up time to work on another sale. Therefore it makes sense to pay attention to your Sales Velocity Number. Double the velocity of each sale – and you can sell twice as much.

Sound simple? It’s not – otherwise everyone, including you, would be selling at maximum efficiency. Here’s how it works:

Your Sales Velocity is a function of (A) the number of sales opportunities you work, (B) the average deal value, (C) your win rate and (D) the length of the sales cycle.

A. Number of opportunities
B. Average deal value
C. Win rate
D. Sales cycle duration

Above: this is your sales velocity number.

Here is a sample:

100 Opps X 1000 X 20% = 20,000
_____________________________ = 2,000 Sales Velocity Number

10 weeks

Now, add 10% to each of the numbers above the line, and take 10% off the bottom of the line – this is just a small amount of extra effort, compared to the final result.

110 Opps X 1100 X 22% = 26,620
_____________________________ = 2,957 Sales Velocity Number (48% more!)
9 weeks

The point is: 48% more by simply adding 10% more to the top 3 and 10% less to the bottom one. Sales achieved nearly 50% as quickly, by making small adjustments. The multiplier effect in the velocity chain is truly remarkable.

Have a go at your own sales velocity number, tweaking it to 10% or 20% improvements, work out how to achieve those improvements, and watch your sales soar!

At Natural Training in our sales training workshops we run Sales Velocity Sessions where we do all the crunch work for you, giving you the tools, techniques and ideas to boost your sales by 50%. Give our team a call on 0207 043 1582 to find out more.

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