Selling Energy: Why You Either Have It, Or You Don’t!

Bill Bernbach is one of the reasons you recently bought that car. And the ipod. And the clothes.

In fact Bill Bernbach is one of the reasons you buy anything.

Born in 1911-1982 Bernbach was an advertising man (the “B” in DDB), bringing us some iconic advertising for the likes of VW and Avis (We Try Harder).

Bill’s influence is still around. For example he helped pioneer true creativity, offbeat thinking and revolutionised the way copywriters and art directors worked in tandem.

Bill Bernbach knew how to advertise. But more than that, he put a high priority on selling: “Good advertising builds sales. Great advertising builds factories”, he said.

Selling requires more than good advertising: Moving buyers to action requires people with pride and passion to take it to a wary market. Because good products don’t sell themselves.

When selling it’s important to have the latest techniques and skills, the most relevant experience, proper selling structures, likeability and proof.

In sporting terms, they are the tennis court, the tennis racquet, the net and the rulebook. But without the energy to bring all of these forces into play, then we are lacking the ability to win a match point.

We inject energy into sales teams with our proven, natural training methodologies. Give us a call to find out more.

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