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In a sneak preview from our new book, The Natural Sales Evolution, Debs reveals the success of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Questions.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Questions

Business is moving along in a breakneck speed.  And if sales people are to evolve with it, we need to understand what the buying patterns of our customers have been, are, and will be.  That is why we need yesterday, today and tomorrow questions.  The benefit of these types of status questions is that it lends questioning a useful sequence, adding depth and time-related context.  This enables you get to a more accurate snapshot of your client more quickly.


Yesterday questions: Without knowing about a client’s past buying patterns, it is difficult to predict their future.  That’s where Yesterday questions come in.

Examples:  Barry, can you please help me get a hold of how you have been able to sort this out in the past? What have you done in the past to solve your catering needs?  How have you traditionally gone about archiving your documents?  When was the first time office temps came on to your radar?


Today questions: These include questions to ascertain current thought patterns, the status of what is happening NOW.

Examples: Barry when you think about this project, what are your priorities RIGHT NOW?  How many servers do you currently have and what is their capacity?  What are your current advertising needs, if you had to list a top 3?  If I sat down at one of your computers this morning, and turned it on, how long would it take to boot up and why?


Tomorrow questions: Future planning is crucial to know – even if it’s not information you would like to hear (such as whether they are planning to use a cheaper solution!).  Without answers to current plans, you don’t know what you are selling against.

Examples:  Daphne, looking ahead at all of your options, what is your gut feel for where this is heading?  What are your most urgent future challenges with archiving information?  What plans are in place, with you, and John, and Stephanie, to provide for the security of your employees?

To create a bespoke version of the above questions for your team, call Debs now on 0207 043 1582. To buy a copy of our new book, The Natural Sales Evolution, please click here.

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