It’s all about style!

In a snippet taken from our new book, The Natural Sales Evolution, we talk about how to recognise the 5 negotiation styles that we encounter every day…

In today’s negotiation world, we have to be hyper-aware of these styles that others bring into play. There are different styles or approaches to the negotiation, and the top performing sellers have carried out enough research on their customer to know exactly which ones to adopt to get the result they require.

Today’s styles have evolved because of the environment in which we work. They are, in no particular order:

1. Partnering style. This person will work with you to get the best result. The partnering negotiator will be a team player, so sit on the same side of the desk, real or virtual, as them and enjoy the win-win environment!

2. Jousting style. With this person, you need to engage in the battle and compete for the best price. The natural sales evolution means that this person may well be part of a Procurement function and have few emotional tie-downs. (See Chapter 10 for more on selling to Procurement.)

3. Avoiding style. This person wants to avoid confrontation or a heated debate. Help this person by focusing on the benefits and the goal of the negotiation. It’s worth noting that today’s customer environment is heavy on information, which may have the effect of tiring out a customer by the time the negotiation stage is reached. Tired of choice, they may just want to get the deal done! You need to recognise this and work with them.

4. Accommodating style. Create a ‘Yes’ environment where you try to do as much as you can for the customer. They want to work with you, so get cracking! Use the resources available to you (for example, case studies and testimonials) to expedite the decision.

5. Compromising style. Meeting in the middle is the best course of action with this style. It’s like the Collaborative style, but focused more on the result than the process of working together. For this style, understand what variables you have to put on the table and be willing to show them that you are willing to bend – providing you get something back! Don’t forget that value comes to the party dressed as many things – you need to look around and the natural sales evolution will provide you with as many resources as you need, such as PDFs, videos and invitations to events, to make the customer feel valued.

Do you know your style? Do you know how to make it work to your advantage? Our range of negotiation skills courses will help you do just that.

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