Superman or Clarke Kent?

I am a superhero. I leap out of bed every morning, hit the gym, eat a healthy breakfast and run 10k to work.  I work hard to be the best and strive to provide outstanding excellence in everything that we do.

Only I’m not really a Superhero.

I’m just an ordinary guy, like everyone else. So, I don’t do any of those things, well, not all day, every day.

And before you shake your head at my admission that I don’t wear a cape, have super strength or laser eyes, let me tell you this: sometimes, ordinary is good. It’s what people like. I like it. You like it too.

“But” I hear you say, “…if you’re an ordinary company you’ll lose out to the companies of unceasing excellence, superhero staff and their amazing…everything!”

No, you won’t and I’ll prove it with these three examples:

If you Google ‘il Bordello’ in Wapping you’ll see an Italian restaurant that has had amazing success, for years. Their food is good, but it’s not outstanding. You can get better Italian food elsewhere. Their food is ordinary. There’s no ‘wow’ dishes and there’s no ‘signature recipes’.

This is perfectly fine because most people going out for Italian food want ordinary food.

Now check out a company called Berry Brothers and Rudd and their ‘Good Ordinary Claret’. It sells by the truck load and yet there are many better clarets out there.  It’s so ‘ordinary’ that 93 out of 95 people reviewing it gave it a positive recommendation. A product that’s ordinary is a huge seller. What are the chances?

But these are relatively small companies, let’s go global and take you to the dizzy heights of the Toyota Corolla, it’s definitely ordinary. It’s not the fastest car, it’s not the most luxurious, it’s not the most desirable and yet that ordinary car has been bought by more people than any other, ever. 37.5 million to be exact.

Ordinary is looking less ordinary now isn’t it? In fact, it looks pretty good.

But don’t assume that ordinary means OK. Ordinary still means good in business. All of the examples I’ve just given you have been ordinary but they’ve also been good. It’s a vital distinction.

Il Bordello’s service and food are always good, BBR’s ordinary wine is always good and Toyota’s Corolla has, for 60 years, been…well you get my point. All these businesses focus on giving customers what they want and not what they don’t want.

At Natural Training, we’re ordinary too. We know that sales training courses can often include a great deal of information which, whilst interesting, has little impact on our client’s results.  We leave this information out and give our clients good, ordinary training. Training which gives them all they want and nothing they don’t.

Like some pasta dishes, a certain bottle of claret or small family hatchback.

If you’d like to find out how more about our award-winning ordinary sales training why not call us right now on 0207 043 1582

It might not have led to the sale of 37.5 million high value products but what it has done is achieve an average ROI of 20:1. For every pound our clients gave us, we gave them twenty pounds back. 

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