Take a Walk: 5 compelling reasons to make your next meeting a Walking Meeting

The next time you hold a meeting , why not forget about the office altogether and take a walk instead?  You can take clients on a Walking Meeting, or internal colleagues.  Our experiences, and those of our clients, suggests


Here are 5 compelling reasons to do it:


1)  Walking opens the mind, because the environment is open.  Without the confines of an office, suddenly you have better quality of ideas.

2)  Rapport is higher.  There are more things to look at, and talk about, which gives a greater chance to bond.

3)  Movement helps blood flow.  Blood flow helps decision making.  Decision making helps business get done.

4)  You can have as much time as you want.  There won’t be a seething office manager banging on the door because you have run over.

5)  Your secrets will be safe.  There is less chance of you leaving notes around, or being overheard through the paper thin office walls…


Take the Walking Meeting Challenge, and let me know how you do!

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