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7 Hot Topics

1. Selling is changing:  How to change prospects minds when change seems impossible.

Today’s salespeople need to understand the key dynamics behind managing change, risk and uncertainty for clients.  In this breakthrough session, your team will learn:

  • A 3 step customer change model that works to persuade and influence Inside Sales team quickly.  Chances are, you’re only doing 1 or 2 of them.  Come and learn how to boost your telesales team performance by 23% in just 60 days.
  • How to help clients make the emotional steps to make a change
  • The concept of ‘nudge theory’ – how to move clients smoothly from their current ‘comfortable’ position to a new position of comfort.
  • Each salesperson brings along the name of a ‘tough to crack’ client and we work on that client during the session

2. Selling the Extras: A focus on increasing client spend with Upsells, Cross-sells, Repeats and Referrals. If you could only increase ‘share of wallet’ by 20% more to your current client base!  However, for whatever reason, your sales team and client teams aren’t sell as much to clients as you need.  In this session, we explore strategies to identify new selling opportunities, and present them to clients in a motivating way to increase share of wallet.  Learning includes:

  • Setting up a simple ‘whitespace grid’ to quickly identify the selling opportunities within your existing client base
  • Packaging up new opportunities to sell and articulating them in a way that motivates clients to buy
  • Simple, natural conversation guides to help repeat purchases
  • Strategies for creating a stream of client referrals
  • Real practice in each session so that the techniques are second nature by the time your people leave the room.

3. Selling your Value: It’s not enough to say,”We’re different” – you need to know why you’re different, and articulate it clearly and confidently. In this session, your group learns:

  • Why value means different things to different people, and how to customise your approach to suit
  • Why value creation is your most important role in sales
  • How you can articulate a ‘value pitch’ in a simple and motivating way
  • How to avoid price challenges and increase the success of your negotiations by showcasing your value

4. Pitching to Win: When you decide to pitch, you must win. It’s too expensive to keep on pitching and losing.  When you’re in the race, you must win.  In this session, we teach your group how to prepare, deliver and follow-up a winning pitch.  Learning includes:

  • How to gain valuable insights that sell – your pitch angle
  • How to assemble a team and prepare to win
  • A simple, natural method for constructing a central pitch message and theme
  • How pitches are won in the time following the presentation and what you can do to maximise your chance of winning

5. Selling your Story: A simple method for developing a high-impact company and personal story. It’s simple – stories sell.  Yet sales teams don’t spend nearly enough time perfecting their story and delivering it naturally.  In this session, your team learns:

  • A simple three-step method for developing a high impact story
  • How to deliver a story in an engaging way that helps clients understand your proposition
  • How to incorporate company and personal stories in your emails, Linkedin, proposals and social media

6. Cold Calling with Impact: How to get through to more decision makers, more often, with more impact – includes real calls to your database!  We help your team to:

  • Create a clear and professional opening to each call to maximise the chance of getting through gatekeepers and ensuring a positive first impression on
  • Develop a voicemail message that receives up to 5X as many call backs
  • Develop a winning call structure for a greater chance of success
  • Understand how to warm up cold calls with clever email and social media techniques
  • Key messages and motivation around making regular, consistent cold calls for sales teams who might be feeling jaded and negative around cold calling

7. Selling on LinkedIn: How to utilise LinkedIn to make quality connections with decision-makers including C-Level – includes 6 free approach templates.  Learning covers:

  • How LinkedIn gives you all the clues you need to make an engaging connection and develop rapport with decision-makers
  • The Natural 8: Simple techniques to give you a professional level of presence on Linkedin
  • We give your team 6 Approach Notes and Templates to enable quicker and more sustained success connecting and resonating with decision makers.

Terms and Conditions (in addition to usual booking conditions)

  • Taster Session must be booked in January – March 2019
  • One Taster Session per Client
  • Usual Taster Session fee of £1450 (+VAT) is waived conditional that the Client’s Head of Sales and Head of Learning both attend a pre-training or post-training meeting on the same day as the Taster Session to talk about training ambition and plans with the trainer and other representatives from Natural Training. If the client cancels this meeting Natural will charge the client the usual fee for the session.
  • The Client provides room and/or venue

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