Gone are the days when telesales meant reading a script. Prospects respond to humans not robots, and it’s the person on the phone who makes the difference.

Here’s our best and most trusted telesales tips:

Lose Your Fear

If you want to succeed in telesales, you cannot be timid. Exude confidence when on the phone, and you’ll leave a much better impression.

Make It Personal

Listen to what your prospect says, the words he/she uses, try to understand things from his/her perspective. Once you know how to identify a potential client’s innermost desires, you can position yourself to offer the perfect solution for their particular needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learn new telesales techniques and perfect them by practising during real calls. Judge the effectiveness of your methods and tweak where necessary to ensure better results. And once you have mastered the art of telesales, keep on learning and practising to maintain your edge.

Get Past the Gatekeeper

Until you speak to a decision maker, your sales skills can sometimes be irrelevant. When working in telesales, you must first learn to negotiate gatekeepers, and make sure they pass you on to the right person. Which leads nicely on to the next point.

Open Impressively

In telesales, you don’t have the luxury of time. A less than fantastic opening could see your chances evaporate instantly. Learn how to captivate prospects from the off, and make sure you are quick to establish your credibility.

Learn how to captivate prospects from the off, and make sure you are quick to establish your credibility.


Engage Your Prospect

Even with a great opening, you still have to work to keep a prospect on the phone. Be sure to establish a personal connection by paying close attention to what he/she has to say, and respond to the issues and concerns they raise. Above all, you must capture their attention and excite them.


A successful telesales marketer must have a firm grasp of sales psychology. While conversing with a prospect, you need to be persuasive and influence their way of thinking. Without doubt, the best way to do so is to identify the matters which are most important to them, and help them to understand why you represent the ideal solution in their unique circumstances.

Take Objections in Your Stride

Undoubtedly, prospects will raise doubts about whatever solution you propose, and it’s essential you are prepared to deal with these objections. Try to understand the situation from your prospect’s perspective, and learn to anticipate potential areas of concern. With this knowledge, you can construct a response which appropriately addresses your prospect’s doubts.

Seal the Deal

It’s no good forging personal connections and establishing trust over the phone if you can’t convert this into a sale. The art of closing is a subtle one, and can be learned through experience. The key is to gain an understanding of a particular prospect’s personality during a call, and identify the type of approach which is most likely to successfully convert them into a client.

Leave a Great Voicemail

Of course, most of the above tips are not much help when a prospect doesn’t answer the phone. But don’t see this as a dead end. With a well prepared voicemail message, you can greatly increase the chances of a callback, keeping the opportunity alive.

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