Terribly clever or terribly clear?

Humans have long been solving complex problems and explaining their methods of doing so in an equally complex manner. We’re at a stage where acronyms and industry jargon is commonplace and we even try and use intellectual words to dumbfound our audience. But have we forgot the power of simplicity?

In this viral video Kevin Bacon, on behalf of EE, explains something very complex to understand in a very simple way by using the metaphor of pieces of data moving through a thin pipe.

Through this metaphor we see the larger vacuum have absolutely no trouble in sucking up the pieces of data – therefore demonstrating the difference between a good and bad network speed.

At Natural Training, our presentation skills training is focussed around two simple words; are you clear and are you memorable?

Clarity is absolutely vital because it frees up your natural style. Over-complication is the fastest way to for us to muddle our words or lose our train of thought. During our training we encourage people to think of the most simple way to explain complex subjects.

We use metaphors, analogies, comparisons, similes and powerful imagery like the dice and the vacuum in this ad to ensure our message is memorable.

So, here’s your challenge: Rather than take minutes, how can you explain a complex message in as few words as possible? Can you think of a strong visual or memorable image to effectively deliver more impact in less time?

The point is: rather than thinking about being terribly clever, think instead about being terribly clear.

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