The Beauty Of Simplicity

I love the logo for ‘Yoga Australia’…

(Notice that her yoga pose involves curving her leg and arching her back to create the shape of Australia)

This logo, like many of the simple ideas out there, probably didn’t happen in 5 minutes. It was probably the result of dozen of logo suggestions, built on countless hours of meetings and research, which ended up in this elegant logo capturing two main messages beautifully: it celebrates Yoga and it celebrates that it’s Australian.

Every one of us can learn lessons from great moments of design like this.

When we’re communicating with clients we often we dive into the detail and get involved in the stuff may be important to us, but isn’t important to clients. It’s this detail and complexity that often gets in the way of success, because a simple, well-defined, clear and memorable message can often be hidden by less important words, phrases and meaning.

When you’re structuring your next communication (be it internal or external)remember to keep the audience in mind.

What do they really need to know right now? You don’t have to solve everything in one presentation. Ask yourself at least 3 times:

  1. What is it that they really need to know right now?
  2. What can be saved for later?
  3. What can be put in a handout?
  4. What can be put in file for people who want to dive into the detail?
  5. What is going to motivate this audience to really take action?
  6. What is going to inspire them to listen to you over all other the noise from all of the other communicators who haven’t bother to make the complex simple?

As a communicator, if you can drill down to the very core, simplistic, beautiful intended meaning of your communication, then more people will listen to you, more often, and you will achieve more of the outcomes you set out to achieve.

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