Train your brain: 7 techniques for successful selling

To celebrate Mental Health Day on the 7th of October, you could do no worse than checking out the work of Dr Dan Siegel.

He is a big advocate of mental activities to optimize your brain to promote well being.

Here are Siegel’s 7 mental activities, and how they resonate with us in day to day business life:

1) Focus Time:
Deep connections in the brain happen when we focus our minds. This is an essential element for healthy and productive selling.

2) Play Time:
Spontaneity, creativity and a bit of banter are all important for making new connections in our brain. This keeps your selling fresh and enjoyable.

3) Connecting Time:
Simply the act of connecting with others is critical to our brain’s healthy function. Connecting is, of course, a key ingredient to successful, natural selling. It sometimes helps to connect with others without a set agenda – just go with the flow, and watch the magic happen!

4) Physical Time:
Aerobic body movement strengthens the mind, and the brain. Don’t fall into the trap of being a workaholic, yet missing that crucial time to move your body.

5) Time in
Internal reflection and thought really help to problem solve, rewire and energise the brain. This helps you in sales to recall essential client details, for example.

6) Down time
Sometimes we need to simply be free, without an agenda or any focus point. This is essential for healthy brain function. Taking a walk around your neighborhood at lunchtime for example is a great thing to do for healthy, successful selling.

7) Sleep time
Gives the brain rest and recovery. When sleeping, the brain shuffles around the information it has stored, compartmentalizing and prioritizing it, which makes it easier for you to excel the next day.

Successful selling is more than just hitting a number – it’s ensuring your brain is fit and healthy to cope with the highs, lows and challenges that our amazing profession brings with it. Take the time to consciously train your brain this World Mental Health Day – and enjoy the ongoing benefits it brings!

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