Fitness Sales Training


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Fitness Sales Training

  • Grow existing business through renewals, up-selling and cross-selling and increase new business and conversion rates.

  • Create a strong and enjoyable commercial culture throughout the organisation

  • Help your leadership team set the agenda for sales success

  • Selling your point of difference helping you move towards position 1 within your market

  • A structured sales approach – enabling a consistent scalable sales operation within the UK and Europe

At Natural Training, we have developed an outstanding reputation with the Fitness Industry – working with companies that sell fitness equipment and technology solutions, as well as gyms and clubs. With a combination of sales training, telesales training and management training, our clients are seeing results.

Fitness Industry courses put money back into the organisation

“Good energy, fun but with serious content.  A lot of preparation went  into it which is evident by the response from the team.  This essential workshop will help transform our sales, training, inductions and our sales outcomes.  It’s rare for me to give anything such high marks, very well done and I look forward to the next stages.”

Jon Johnston, Managing Director, Matrix Fitness Systems

“A workshop evolving the whole company, looking at its strengths and weaknesses and placing a structure going forward. Well worth the time and effort”

Andy Loughray, National Sales Manager, Matrix Fitness Systems

Many of our clients within the food industry see a lot of success from selling on a transactional level (taking orders, responding to requests, maintaining relationships etc), but could greatly increase revenue if they were to add a pro-active selling focus within their teams.

That’s where our programmes come in.

To learn how we can address some of these challenges within your business, contact us via the form on the right hand-side.

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Ideas For Your Training

Sales Management Training

Selling equipment to gyms?  Then you have a lot on your hands.  Your Sales Managers need to manage teams covering large territories, often with clients who are very price conscious.  Our Sales Management Training and Coaching will help your Sales Managers to put in place the strategy and structures for success.  Along the way we help them manage their time, and motivate and coach their teams.

Managing the sales of gyms?  Welcome to hell.  You are so involved in the day to day that there is little time to see your family, let alone manage a diverse, high energy workforce that is very demanding of your time.  At Natural, we will will give you the best chance of success with simple to implement strategies and tools that will save you time and drive success.

Establishing a Sales System

Whether you are in gyms, or selling to gyms, you might lack a formal structure to help you sell.  This is where we can help you implement a sales systems to drive success at every level, so that all of your staff, from reception to CEO, are all helping the sales effort.  A sales system gives you a framework which works for you in the background and enables your team to identify their strengths, and improvement areas.

Front-Line Team Training

Selling gym memberships and renewals isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Customers have a lot of choice, right on their doorstep.  Your job is to sell value, and execute tours of gyms that motivate clients to say ‘YES’ instantly.  If you let them walk out the door, there is a 78% chance of never seeing them again. We give you all the tools and techniques needed to close memberships and renewals quickly.

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