Natural 90 Minute Boost Sessions

Accelerated Learning that Gets Fast Results

What is a Boost session?

Your people are on the go, they are busy and they need training that stimulates them in their world.

That’s why at Natural Training we developed 90 minute boost session which is accelerated learning that hits right in the ‘sweet spot’ of what your people need right now.

How can a Boost session help?

By providing high energy training in short bursts of 90 minutes, it is more easily digested than lengthy training that keeps people ‘captive’ for long periods of time. However we still take that extra time to understand your organisation, team and individual strengths, recognise and develop the natural style of your people.

Before we release them back into the wild, we make sure that they have the confidence and ability to actually use the stuff we give them.  (Sounds obvious, but not many training companies do this!).

We ensure that we follow the Natural Brand Promise of great follow-up too.  All delegates receive on-going videos, articles and ideas to sustain the momentum, as part of the price.

Who has it helped?

Gleneagles – Feedback from the 90 Minute Ryder Cup Preparation Boost Sessions 2-5 September 2014

“A fantastic and fun way to remember that we are here to make memories

“A tremendous example of how we can help turn a 5* resort into a home from home for our guests

“I felt proud to work for Gleneagles and happy to be part of the team I’m in.  I look forward to using the advice given today”

“I feel it turned instinct into tools.  Tools that can formally be applied to every working day”

Natural 90 Minute Boosts: some ideas that work in the Hotel Industry

  1. Knowing Your Hotel
  2. The Customer C.O.D.E.: Creating Unforgettable Experiences
  3. Customer Empathy Boost 
  4. Stories That Sell!
  5. Presenting Your ‘A’ Game
  6. Managing Internal Stakeholders

restaurant manager woman at work place

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