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Are you looking for Negotiation Training in the London area?

We deliver our negotiation workshops throughout the UK and can come to your offices in London and provide a tailor sales training programmes for your team.

You don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate. With Natural you’re not just buying training – you are buying results.

Our negotiation skills training will help your team to arrive at the best outcomes for you and your company. Your people are the heroes of the training, the centre of it all. They are not being asked to change who they are, just to fine-tune their natural brilliance and begin a journey that will lead them to new levels of success.

We provide sales training for all companies, from small start ups to large multi-national organisations.

What to expect from our negotiation training:

Natural Style

Our negotiation training programmes place great emphasis on fostering a natural style. Authenticity is key when negotiating, and we are specialists in teaching trainees to take advantage of their greatest advantage:  their natural style.

Tailored to You

We strive to understand the culture of your business, your team and the individuals who make it up. With our help, your team will deliver a message which actually feels like it’s yours.


An understanding of sales psychology is essential for a successful negotiator, and we incorporate the teaching of professional techniques into our training programs. Once you understand the mindset of a prospect, you can deliver a targeted message much more likely to resonate with them.

React to Situations

Each client interaction is unique, and there is no set manual to define which action to take in any given circumstance. Instead, we focus on developing a feel for conversations, and learning how to instinctively react to person on the other end of a negotiation.

Live Training

We make sure trainees put our methods into practice with live training and simulations. By observing real negotiations, we are able to provide valuable feedback and highlight specific areas for improvement, ensuring superior results.

Based in London

Our negotiation training take place at our Shoreditch site. Or, if you prefer, we can provide in-house training at your business location.

Find out more about our Natural Difference

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