November is all about closing! The end of 2015 is creeping up, and at Natural Training we are closing as much business as we can to ensure a successful final quarter. Join us on our quest this month to CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE (and forever more…)

The most important thing to remember is:

Closing isn’t a stand alone process. You have to make sure that you have done everything else in the sales process really well before you pop the closing question.

If you were to examine the last 20 deals you have closed, there is usually a pattern – 5 or 6 things that have happened well in order you to have reached the close. You need to know what this pattern is and then engineer your sales process around that.

For example, we hear clients saying “we always do a proposal” and then we look back at the figures together and find out that they only did a proper proposal for 12 our of the 20 wins!

Know your company and know what works for your customers. Challenge the Status Quo! This is called good closing hygiene.

We’ve got a great month for you at Natural! Loads of free resources to help you handle those last stages of the sales process – handling objections and closing.

Closing Tips

  • B.A.N.T. Always use the old-age closing checklist B.A.N.T. – 4 key elements B (Budget), A (Authority), N (Need) and T (Time-frame). If you do not fully understand each of these 4 elements from your customer, you may not be able to close effectively.
  • Competitors. Have you demonstrated sufficient value against your competition? Often you have done all of the right things and you have presented a really good proposition, but it’s no different to anybody else’s in the market. Spend a couple of hours with the rest of your team going through all your competitors and put together a table – buying features across the top, and your competitors down the side, then tick off which of your competitors has certain features and benefits for the client. This gives you the data you need to create a value proposition that’s truly different from your competitors.
  • Price. Price is important, bit it’s not the most important thing when it comes to closing. As humans we buy more expensive things all the time, because we perceive their value as being higher. You just need to understand what the client’s perception of value is, and latch onto that, rather than be drawn into a discounting spiral.
  • When? You have got to have certain things in place before you dare to ask the closing question. Sometimes the question can come too soon. And sometimes the question might be crassly put, i.e.”let’s do a deal!” If that doesn’t culturally suit the client, they are not going to appreciate that. You have to choose the right question, for the right person, and the right environment.

One closing question we favour at Natural for almost all occasions is “would you like to give us a try?”

The word “try” reduces buyer resistance, but you’re still saying the same thing! It relaxes the seller and it relaxes the buyer, and when it’s a relaxed atmosphere, that’s when sales are most likely to happen.

  • Be Natural! You need to ensure that your closing technique fits the culture of your company, the products or service you’re selling, and YOU! If you’re in a sales role that demands a fast close and you’re a more kind and considered person, then it won’t suit. You have to make sure your natural style and you natural culture is all lined up. there is a closing technique for everyone, but it;s just a case of finding out how it works for you.

This month, Natural is providing lots of great resources to help you close deals:

  • A variety of blogs to help you master the end of the sales process and close.
  • newsletter, giving away a template and lots of closing advice.
  • A video on closing, naturally – a video containing one short, powerful tip to help you get to that most significant point of the client relationship – The Close!
  • FREE TEMPLATE: The P.U.R.E way to handle objections and get closer to yes.

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