Natural Camera Skills Training


Natural Camera Skills Training

Be a Natural Video Star and create amazing corporate videos in just 2 days.

Camera takes a lecturer at the conference

Natural Training delivers a 2 day course to develop your natural style in front of the camera, designed for anyone who is camera facing – this might be executive profiling, corporate videos, corporate blogs, people page or team pages and YouTube content.


  • An understanding of the role of video in commercial business and for your personal profile
  • The practised ability to present to camera in a natural and effective way
  • Knowledge and practical application of how to set up professional videos showcasing the best version of you
  • Your own edited video:  a 1-2 minute personal edited profile video like this

We do this while taking into account your unique natural style. During our Presentation skills Training we highlight, repeatedly, the importance of natural style. When you are natural, great things happen.  Audiences believe you, and are moved to take action.  You are authentic.



  • Why video?  12 ways to use video to your corporate, advertising and financial advantage
  • Knowledge of how a studio works – setting up a professional office/home studio for less than £750
  • How you look on a camera – includes eye-line, hair, clothing and make-up techniques
  • How to stand on camera – anchoring, stance, framing, full-length, close-up etc – and how you react in different situations
  • Sound  – microphone usage, clip-ons, hand held microphones
  • Gesturing – how to gesture in a natural style, including vocal punctuation
  • How to control nerves and come across in a natural way
  • Vocal control – pausing, intonation, avoiding monotone.
  • Autocue – how to set one up, utilise it well, and deliver naturally
  • Use of facial expressions to bring your delivery to life
  • Messaging and content – how to deliver a confident set of content
  • Avoiding habitual conversation fillers
  • Presenting as a duo or team, including interviewing skills
  • Basic editing skills including splicing footage, captioning, cross dissolving and putting a soundtrack behind it.
  • Lots of practical application until you feel natural and capable of delivering fantastic corporate videos in the future.

With Natural Training you will also have access to a leading presenting expert for a decent, common-sense day rate. Our trainers are exceptional – they live and breathe business and presenting.

Contact us on the right for more detail on the above training and more. All of our training is designed to you suit your business needs and your team’s natural authentic style.


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