Solar Panels Sales Training


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Solar Sales Training

  • Adopt a high level consultative approach to understand potential buyers and their objectives, in order to shape your solution

  • Dealing with negative publicity and biased opinions towards their benefits

  • Storytelling to relate how it is going to benefit their home/business

  • Successfully overcome price objections – with a focus on the VALUE

  • Target existing clients and up-sell by creating and recognising conversational windows of opportunity

At Natural Training, we have collaborated with several solar clients – up-skilling teams to better serve clients and  be successful in this complex industry.

“Excellent – this changes the whole way of selling and interacting with clients. The trainer was great, engaged and understood everything we discussed and helped resolved current issues. Very beneficial and eye opening – small changes = massive end result”

Lara Day, Account Manager, Segen

Many of our clients within the solar industry are reporting that there is a huge opportunity to greatly increase revenue if there was more of a pro-active selling focus within their teams.

That’s where our programmes come in. To learn how we can address some of these challenges within your business, contact us via the form on the right hand-side.

Engineers with solar panel

Ideas For Your Training

  • Proactive Selling Energy – We help your team to WANT to pick up the phone and become a sales maker, with the motivation to deliver their numbers.
  • Consultative Sales Training – Question Based Sales tools to develop key conversations. We teach your sales people to listen with an ear to understanding.
  • Key Account Management – A combination of account planning, value and negotiation that will galvanise your sales efforts
  • Value Selling – a practical guide to helping clients see value
  • Features, Advantages, Benefits – Key Messages that motivate clients. How to turn features into fantastic selling statements.

Contact us on the right for more detail on the above courses and more. 

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